Thursday, 25 February 2021

Glossy Vs Matt Wood Flooring Finish

 If you are in the process of organizing a new wood flooring project, then the chances are you will be trying to determine whether to plump for a glossy finish or a matt finish. When it comes to hardwood flooring you will find a rising number of finishes that it is possible to choose from. Finishes like oil, will create a natural, matt appearance , and lacquer or varnish will create a more hard-wearing, shiny finish.

Which you choose will depend on a host of factors. Here are five ways to help you decide:

Is your area likely to have heavy traffic or wear and tear? If your room is very likely to suffer with a great deal of footfall or rough and tumble of family life, then there is no getting away from the fact that a glistening finish will protect your floor better than an oiled finish. Nevertheless, glossy finishes have a inclination to show scratches more than matt endings, so it really is a case of weighing up the advantages over the downsides for your specific circumstances.

How important is simplicity of regular upkeep? Again, if rapid and simple regular maintenance is high on your agenda, a shiny finish will enable you to simply pass the hoover on the floor when it's needed and then follow up the vacuuming process with a moist mop. This maintenance will be all that's required on a regular basis. On a housekeeping front, another benefit of any shiny finish is that any accidental spills or accidents are more likely to stay on the surface throughout the short time it will take for you get what you need to mop it up. Having a matt finish, the threat is that any spills or accidents can sink in the wood and may ultimately cause a blot.

Can you have pets? If you've got pets, then there are pros and cons of the two glossy and matt options. A glistening finish is more likely to show signs of scratching from small pads and paws, but it's going to be easier to keep clean if there are'little accidents' or if your pets come to your home moist from outside.

How about fixes? The great thing about wood flooring is that it may be re-sanded and re-finished throughout its life, so that it may be brought back to new-looking time after time. With both matt and glossy finish wood flooring, you'll have the ability to remove the end with a light sanding and re-finish the floor several times during the life span of the ground, but matt floors are often more successfully spot-repaired than polished floors.

What sort of appearance are you hoping to achieve? If everything else fails and you don't mind about wear and tear, pets or maintenance, the answer to whether you should choose matt or shiny flooring only comes down to personal taste. In precisely the exact same way as a few people like patent leather and others favor suede, some people like matt floors and a number of folks like glossy!