Friday, 24 April 2020


Parquet flooring are thought of as beautiful and complex. A lot of which may be seen in assumptions such as churches, schools, churches and other structures that are cultured. This frequently implies that the owners of these buildings are extremely fond of the flooring. This is the area where restoration plays a critical role.

We had been contacted about reviving this parquet floors. Our customers were unsure of exactly what the flooring would look like after it was sanded. This was a result of how the dirt build-up had happened over several decades.

We ordered to finish a questionnaire of the ground and as part of the we discussed finishing a sample place. This will allow us the chance to demonstrate our customers the transformation which could be gained.

All old coatings and the surface layer of the wood was removed with all our sanding machinery. The procedure to complete the timber sanding sample was relatively quick. On the other hand, the results were extreme.

At this point our client commented that they did not even realise that their flooring was naturally that color.

From this point we were able to discuss wood finishes which would best compliment their personal use. Any flooring in a industrial setting needs to be finished with a hard-wearing and durable wood finish.

It follows that our customers receive true value for money. We are professional commercial flooring sanders and we can offer comprehensive services for both large and small wood floor restoration jobs.

No matter the size of this job we'll always go the extra mile to ensure that end is second-to-none. You, our customer, will likely be treated with respect and we will endeavour to ensure the procedure runs smoothly from begin to finish.

If you have a floor finishing job that you would like us to quote we invite you to call today on 020 3369 0720 .

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